Soumitra Lahiri - Sitar Maestro

In the esoteric realm of classical music Soumitra Lahiri is a name held in high esteem by the connoisseurs. His mastery over the string instrument, sitar in particular his depth of conception, his presentation of the ragas without compromising their pristine character and above all his skill in fusing tradition without innovation have already earned him the status of a celebrity. At the tender age Soumitra took to guitar. His parents Sangeetacharya Late Susanta Lahiri and Late Rekha Lahiri were main inspiration. Later at the age of seven Soumitra switched to siter beginning his training under Late Pandit Gokul Nag and his celebrated son Pandit Maninal Nag. Equipped after long years of devotion Soumitra made his journey to frame both home and abroad. As mentioned earlier, Soumitra started his musical career with Guiter, currently once again he is palying guiter along with sitar. He is performing guiter in various places like All India Radio and abroad. What draws Soumitra apart from his co-travellers is his desire and ability in improving elements from different Gharanas and cohering them into an aesthetic whole. Which is why recitals often combining the romanticism of late Pandit Nikhil Banerjee in the Gayaki style of Late Amir Khan with vigour and grace of Bishnupur Gharana and as he goes ahead, he does not fail to leave his stamps of individuality. He passed away on 26th Dec 2020, due to massive cardiac arrest, in his residence in North Kolkata.


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